Developing Themes, Doctrines from
Internal Cross-Reference (contd.)
Theme 2 - The Healing Christ

The following are only a few of the references that develop the above theme or doctrine.

Jesus replied, “Go, your son lives.” He believed and left. Servants met him and said his son was alive. On his inquiring when, they said, “the fever left him at one in the afternoon yesterday.” Then the father knew it was the exact hour that Jesus said, “Your son lives.” So he and all his household believed.

5.7.1,2 With a word Jesus healed all who had various diseases, thus fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy: “He took our infirmities and carried our diseases." He cast out many demons.

Jesus traveled..teaching ...preaching the good news of God’s kingdom and healing all kinds of sicknesses and diseases among the people. They brought to him those with many diseases and torments; the demon-possessed, the insane, the epileptic and paralytic. He healed them all.

Because the crowds pressed against him, he asked the disciples to keep a small boat near, lest they crush him. Because he had healed many, those with diseases were falling over to touch him.
Footprints of Jesus Christ