Footprints of Jesus Christ
THE GOOD NEWS or 'God's Own Part'.
1. God is good, holy and just. He is LOVE, and doesn't want anyone to perish.
2. People suffer and perish only as wages for their sins, be it severally and/or collectively.
3. The wages of sin is Death: physically, spiritually, and death's messengers are wars, poverty, sickness, pain, sorrow, guilt, fear, depression and so on.
4. In order to reverse sin and all its effects, God gave His own Son, who died and paid the full penalty for our sins.
5. Jesus' resurrection from the dead is proof, therefore, both of God's satisfaction with that supreme sacrifice and of Power since made available to reverse sin and its wages.
FAITH-TEST or 'Your Own Part'.
6 Have you decided to be free from sin and its wages?
7 Have you trusted exclusively in Christ's work as sufficient payment for sin and its wages,
OR you are still trusting your own holiness. or goodness or one legalistic doctrine or the other for your salvation?
8 Have you asked forgiveness and deliverance through Christ's death and resurrection respectively?
9 Have you asked for God's promised Holy Spirit?
10 Have you started living a new Risen Life through the Risen Christ's indwelling you?
'Test yourself', the Word says 'to see whether you are still in the faith'