January , 2004




It won’t be only blah-bah-dah-dash

When the Holy Ghost comes,


It won’t be no crocodile tears

When the Holy Ghost comes,


It won’t be no riotous worship

When the Holy Ghost comes,


It won’t be no pious wordages,

But demonstrations of power in the Holy Ghost

When the Holy Ghost comes,


It will be the end of simulative programs

For when the Holy Ghost comes,

He brings with Him these 3R’s

Repentance, Reconciliation, Regeneration

Those same 3R’s that make us all shudder


REPENTANCE, ridding each of the egocentric mindset

That each, as is, is ready for the Holy Ghost

When the Holy Ghost comes,


RECONCILIATION, before each brings tithes and offerings,

Reparations, yes reparations, shall have been first made

to a brother and/or to brother-nations

When the Holy Ghost comes,


For the Holy Ghost will expand your “-hood” to include

Other hues, other tongues (ebonic, eugenic or angelic)

Other creeds, cultures, other clubs, other frats, -rities, other gangs

“’For HE has concluded that ALL are in disobedience

that HE might have mercy on ALL

So it is not of one who wills or runs, but of HIM who shows mercy


REGENERATION, spiritual circumcision of heart, mind, soul and conscience

Then each sister/sister-nation won’t need to teach another to know the Lord

For they shall all have been taught by God:

“I will put my laws into their mind, and write my laws into their heart

I will be their God and they shall be my people”

When the Holy Ghost comes,



Does someone ask, why doesn’t HE come right away?


He, even HE who owns and sustains all, ain’t no gate-crasher

He anxiously waits to be invited in by 3Rs-producing fervent prayer

“For if you, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children,

How much more will God give the Holy Ghost to those who ask Him”


Does someone ask, why don’t we ask Him to come right away?


Before the Holy Ghost comes

We enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin

We love the rewards of Pharaoh’s house

We self-destruct with our self-righteous gospel add-ons

We preach God’s work incomplete unless we add our own

For the Word, we substitute interminable God-effacing programs

Thus delaying the coming of the Holy Ghost

Lest the Holy Ghost comes

We pay lip service and yet distance our hearts from Him

We self-indoctrinate with precepts of men

Lest the Holy Ghost comes too soon


Perhaps, as happened in immediate/erstwhile centuries,

Some dare fervently pray humbly and repentantly

Perhaps some dare purge themselves before God

Perhaps some dare offer themselves to God as vessels

for the bellying out of the Holy Ghost

Perhaps some dare honestly say

“Here I am, ‘a body prepared for your use’, send me”

Perhaps some dare rightly divide the Word

The Word, not commingling Grace with dead works

The pure Word, that is, the power of God

Then the Holy Ghost comes


Then the Holy Ghost comes with power

Instead of trickles, thousands are added daily to the fold

Of them that have been ordained to eternal life

When the Holy Ghost comes

As hoodlums become saints, and villains become mentors

Detention houses become empty as officer brutality ceases

Bigotry and racism give way to genuine brotherhood

Suspicion and insecurity turn to Understanding and co-operation

Exploitation and extortion turn to mutual development

Peace missions replace warheads

When the Holy Ghost comes


Again, as happened in proximate centuries

When the Holy Ghost comes

The sick are healed, the dead are raised

The lame walk, the blind see

The proud are humbled, the lowly are exalted


Lest the Holy Ghost does not come this way

the Holy Ghost will come Anyway, the unannounced Judge

Who judges our consciences by this same Word we refused to preach

And rewards each for what had been done in the body, good or evil

Then whoever had longed and thirsted for justice will have their fill

As justice covers the earth as waters cover the oceans


For HE must reign in the power of an Indestructible Life

A Life Indestructible even by all weapons of mass destruction

So when all that can be mass-destroyed had been removed

He will give us the inheritance of an Indestructible life

When the Holy Ghost comes

He will command grateful acceptable worship with reverence and awe, for our having received an indestructible kingdom, for our God is a consuming fire,

far beyond mass destruction, because the Holy Ghost had come.


Yomi Falade